Photos from BRAIN TRUBBLE, the 2012 CAKE opening night party! Brain Trubble was a collaboration between Brain Frame and the jam comics group Trubble Club, hosted by Lyra Hill and Sackley, the dog with unfortunate testicles (Sackley puppet was built by Bernie McGovern and operated by Jeremy Tinder). Many Trubble Club comics were read in various styles, broken up by live-action drawing to a live-action soundtrack.

Representing Trubble Club on stage were Grant Reynolds, Aaron Renier, Jeremy Tinder, Ian McDuffie, Lyra Hill, and Laura Park. Special guests invited to do live drawings were Gabrielle Bell, Mike Taylor, and Leslie Stein. Music and sound effects were created by the incredible Alex Inglizian and Stephen Ptatek, and running the slideshow was Gina Wynbrandt. Gillian Fry took the photos. What a night!

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