Cabaret Black Eye, a project of Rotland Press, built up to destroy a series of precarious sculptures and set pieces, interrupted by a confused (stand-up) comic and culminating with the excision of a fatty abscess in an ultimately flawless demonstration of masculine-industrial work and failure entitled The Carbuncle Procedure at Detroit Brain Frame on October 18th, 2013.

Performed by:
Chris Butterfield + Adam James Fuller as “Two Chumps”
Andy Gabrysiak as “The Guy”
Matthew Hunt as “Mister Ricky”
S William Schudlich as “The Preceptor”
Ryan Standfest as “Factory Head”

Live Music By
Matthew Daher, Percussion
Scott Masson, Harmonium

Video thanks to Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman [camera, sound] and Lyra Hill [editing]

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