Congratulations to the winners of the Brain Frame Superlatives! These “Framous Brainiacs” illustrated by Kevin Budnik will be printed in the yearbook, released at our final show. Reserve your copy now!

Best Smile - Lyra Hill
Least Presidential - Max Morris
Best Vomit - Krystal DiFronzo
Most Likely To Injure the Audience - Emma Rand
Nicest Parents - Ian Endsley
Best Beard - Grant Reynolds
Best Car - Tyson Torstensen
Teachers Pet - Lillie West
Least Erotic - Beth Hetland
Best Animal - Jamie Davida Lee
Most Flirtatious - Gina Wynbrandt
Best Hair - Jessica Campbell
Most Haunting - Eamon Espey & Lisa Krause
Prom King - Ben Bertin
Prom Queen - Ian McDuffie
Most Likely to Live Forever - Edie Fake
Best Ghost - Brad Rohloff
Most Dancer - Nate Beaty
Best Nude Scene - Otto Splotch
Most Likely to Survive on a Desert Island - Isabella Rotman
Most Informative - Anne Elizabeth Moore
Most Revealing - Onsmith
Most God - Anya Davidson

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    Congratulations to the winners! Interested in getting one of the Brain Frame Yearbooks? Head on over to the last show -...
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    I did a bunch of illustrations for the BRAIN FRAME YEARBOOK - you have literally 55 minutes to pre-order your copy or...
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