Dear Brain Frame family, fans and friends and fanatics,

Seven days have passed since we met in celebration of death and new life, in Thalia Hall, on our third anniversary. There never was a more brilliant funeral. The altars, the spirit team, the oracle, all served as portals for grief, joy, and keening celebration. A fitting end to Brain Frame, the beginning of, as several friends and strangers wrote in my yearbook, “a movement.”

Preparation for the end was nuts, of course. And every performer pushed so far beyond themselves, exploring new content, new media, and new collaborative partnerships. The results were incredible, an impeccable assemblage of all the different ways Brain Frame blows minds - with plenty of room for further experimentation.

Collected here are a few social-media remembrances of the show. Please take a few minutes to read about what this community has meant for the people in it. Go to Gina Wynbrandt’s blog and read about her experience with BF19 and grit. Step back and look at your own community, your own work. Brain Frame is over. It’s in your hands now. Go out, take risks, make friends, experiment together.

I’m leaving tomorrow for a month long vision quest of sorts. When I get back I hope to see a lot of cool shit going on. Send me an email if you need curatorial, communication, show-running, technical, or conceptual advice. Or whatever. See you in September,

Infinite love,

- Lyra

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